Born 1962 in Stuttgart, Germany lives in Berlin. Focus of work: portrait, people, nature. Several years of assistance in all main fields of photography, education at Koller-Schenker photography (BFF). Photographic work with Prof. Marina Abramovic, further education with Prof.Ute Mahler (Ostkreuz) Several exhibitions since 1995 i.e. Kunst und Gewerbemuseum Hamburg(1995), Galerie Einstein(2000) Berlin

about Tomas:

Tomas Adel is passionately devoted to his task - not just a role, but the responsibility to give expressions to this sensibilities. In his work photography regains its delicate intimate power of temptation. His art is an element of the current social life - of our living together - this makes Tomas AdelĀ“s exhibition so lively. ( Brita Heizmann, California 1999)